Is your school ready to become a GAIA School?

The GAIA Project has two different tracks for membership

1. GAIA Inspired - This category is designated for schools who wish to pursue their own research without being a full member of The GAIA Project. This track generally includes schools that have their own environmental club or organization, pursue their own research goals and follow their own expectations. These schools are welcome to attend each year's GAIA Research Symposium at WBAIS as guests and showcase their research.

2. GAIA Gold Member - This category is reserved for schools that want to actively participate with other GAIA Gold Member Schools, pursue a research question, share research data, support GAIA schools through field trips, host on campus meetings and resources. This category is only available through a direct invitation from WBAIS GAIA. Schools that have started as "GAIA Inspired" can request GAIA Gold Member Status after three years of participation as "GAIA Inspired."